Qigong is one of the four cornerstones of Eastern medicine: “Qi,” meaning energy, and “gong” meaning to work with, transform, or master.  Qigong supports the theory that a powerful energy system exists in the body and that energy (Qi) flows through known energy pathways.  The pathways are referred to as channels or meridians.  The Qi system is as efficient as other organ systems and is also interconnected to all life.  If the flow of Qi is disrupted or blocked by emotional distress, environmental exposures, or any number of factors, a person becomes susceptible to disease. When this flow of energy is rebalanced, emotional, spiritual, and physical health is restored.  Qigong is also known as needleless acupuncture.

As a Qigong Practitioner, Mary will work with your energy systems or meridians by energetically removing any blockages.  Then she will work with your energy, redirecting or balancing the energy to flow through your mind, body, and spirit, grounding you and connecting you back to your natural path to wellness.  Her approach is holistic, highly individualized, patient-centered, participatory, spiritual, and empowering.

Phone Sessions for People and Animals

  • 60-minute Qigong Energy Session: $99
  • 30-minute Qigong Energy Session: $50
  • Package of five 60-minute sessions, scheduled once a month – $470 ($495 value)
  • Package of five 60-minute sessions, scheduled twice a month – $450 ($495 value) 

Other Services
Mary is available for speaking engagements, group facilitation, and mentoring upon request. Please contact Mary for more information.

To Schedule & Purchase
Please contact Mary by email or phone to schedule an appointment. Payments must be made at time of scheduling, you will have the option to pay by PayPal below or by check.

Qigong Phone Session

Complementary Bill of Health

Please complete this Complementary Bill of Health form prior to your first appointment and email a signed copy to [email protected].