Mary Zelmer, Qigong SFQ Master Healer II, and Teacher of SFQ and Qi-ssage

My Story

Mary ZelmerFor as long as I can remember I’ve had an intuitive connection with nature and the spiritual world. My existence here had no limitations and was filled with love. I remember once when I was small, I had been seriously hurt and I had an out of body experience, where I was looking down on myself. I was guided to watch as some angelic beings placed what looked like a net over my body. When they pulled the net up it seemed to melt and lift away a lot of the pain and injury. There was something very powerful, joyful and beautiful about what they did for me and I could feel something awaken in my heart. Ever since that experience I have had a compelling compassion for understanding and learning healing arts and using my tools and gifts to help all living things heal in order to experience joy, beauty and inner strength in their lives.

During hard times in my life, I have always naturally turned to the healing qualities of nature. The trees, plants, air, stars and water support me and affect my heart in the same way as I felt during my healing experience with the angelics. But I always felt like I was missing something, I never quite felt I understood what they were showing me. I would find out it was a way to connect deeper into my heart with the world, the universe and everything in-between.

Over the years I relearned many different healing modalities, when quite by a stroke of luck I found qigong. When I started qigong in 2002, my digestion was very poor and I had lost twenty pounds. I was experiencing pain, fatigue, flash backs, panic attacks, anger, resentment, TMJ, lung issues and depression. For a reason I did not yet understand at that time, I was not thinking about healing myself, but using it for others. I could feel energy, sensations coming out of my hands and qigong gave me the tools to focus and understand how energy works and how I could use it to help others.

Qigong was created by the Taoist by studying nature and its relationships. It also helps to develop and fine tune any gifts one carries. I started to realize that even though qigong originated in China, as a child, I was already starting to naturally master working with energy or to transform energy, which is the definition of qigong.

I now have a deeper connection with my inner self, nature, and all living things. I have become aware of how to use my unique gifts and in doing so understand my reason for being here on this planet. Where there was pain and sorrow, I now feel joy, inner strength and beauty in everything. We are all precious gifts and we have things to do. Let me help you find your path, your gifts, so you can bring them into your life and the lives of those you love.

My Credentials

Mary earned her B.S. in Community Education. Since beginning Qigong in 2002, she has extensively studied and worked with Qigong Master Chunyi Lin at the Spring Forest Qigong Center as a Master Healer II and teaches three SFQ disciplines: Level One for health, Level Two for healing and is a certified Qi-ssage Instructor. Mary has led numerous large group healing meditations, retreats, organized and staged conferences, created programs and laid intentional groundwork for healing communities and organizations both locally and internationally. She excels in bringing awareness to the power of both the energy of the group heart and its connection to the energy of nature. Mary has also been a guest healer and/or speaker at workshops, high schools, colleges and conferences. She assists clients on their unique path in becoming aware and in understanding their healing gifts as a practitioner, mentor or facilitator.

After using Qigong to heal herself, Mary became committed to assisting others on their path to wellness by connecting and integrating through unconditional love, the mind, the body and the spirit. Being creative and giving thought and focus to methods of learning and how they can be improved and refined is extremely rewarding for her. Mary has great tenacity and uses her intuitive and listening skills to help people meet their goals. She loves to work in groups where her skills often give definition to group endeavors.

Mary has also fulfilled an integral role in creating the Qigong Connection and currently assists as an adviser, healing meditation leader and committee planner.

Mary schedules private sessions in New Prague and Northfield.