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Do you want to improve your physical, mental or spiritual health? Do you ever wonder what your greater purpose is in life? Have you felt lost and need help finding your way? Do you wish to focus on living your life by doing what you are here to do? Do you wish to connect to the energies that are here to assist you and guide you?

Mary Zelmer uses her intuitive spiritual guidance and Qigong training to help people, animals and the environment to heal.

Mary has mastered the healing principles of energy providing healing, spiritual mentoring and guidance utilizing a range of techniques including qigong, qi-ssage, clairvoyance and universal energy work. Mary is an energetic alchemist tapping into the healing energies that are here to help, love and guide you.

By connecting to ancient knowledge from the earth and heavens, Mary has powerfully and creatively worked with individuals and groups to help them connect within their heart generating healing energy within themselves which can then be focused on individual, group or universal healing.

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What I offer

When the Qi can Flow all Good Things can Grow!

Be Free.

  • Qigong Personal Energy Balancing
  • Qigong Phone Session
  • Intuitive Sessions
  • Meditation Facilitator
  • Qi Educator
  • Earth Facilitations
  • Service for Animals

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