Opening Seas of Energy

Qigong is an ancient practice, which beautifully teaches us to transform and master our energy; it gives us the tools to travel consciously, powerfully, and lovingly as we move through life.  Mary weaves the energy components and philosophy of Qigong into each session and uses specifically guided healing techniques rooted in this tradition. Mary works with the flow of your energy meridians, removing any energy that is blocked, thus allowing the body to self-regulate. Mary will work with your Qi (energy) by redirecting and balancing it, which helps ground you and connect you to your natural path of wellness. 

Mary’s holistic and highly individualized approach creates a space where you feel supported and empowered to discover your inner guidance and embody spiritual awakening. You will access Universal energies, which will support your inner wisdom, increasing your capacity for wholeness.

The Qigong Odyssey was created to honor the partnership between an ancient energy practice and one’s ultimate life journey, which opens up seas of energy to balance, heal, and support every step.  It is a culmination of ancient wisdom and future dreams. Mary received the inspiration and the gift of the Qigong Odyssey from her grandchildren through their fascination with a sea turtle’s inner compass as it navigated in the ocean and ultimately made its journey home.

The Qigong Odyssey is an inner journey.  Its energetic currents hold the space which allows one to come into being:  To navigate into ways of knowing; to fully embody one’s gifts, visions, and dreams; and to move forward on one’s life path, which is a path of balance, wellness, and healing.

To engage in this Odyssey, we are engaging in an adventure that will carry us through these seas of energy, sometimes rough and sometimes smooth.  The goal is to learn how to navigate this energy and activate our innate abilities to stay aligned and centered.  

The Qigong Odyssey will allow you to gain trust in your body’s inner compass to guide you back to health, healing, and peace.