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Reverse breathing or qi breathing is an ancient Taoist breathing technique that focuses on the lower abdomen and uses the mind/visualization to help maintain health or heal the body, the mind, and the spirit. It supports the connection between the lower body and the upper body, the yin and the yang, thus improving the balance and communication between them. If the yin and yang are not balanced the body cannot heal. I was taught this breathing technique in “Spring Forest Qigong” and use it daily.

1. Allow yourself to get comfortable, you can do this standing, sitting, or lying down. Try to have your spine straight, your shoulders relaxed. Note: if you have high blood ressure, fever, or a headache place your palms down,otherwise place your palms up.

To begin, take three deep gentle breaths. Allow your shoulders to relax with your breath. Allow your shoulders to simply to melt or drop. When the shoulders are tense they affect the organs and block the energy flow through the shoulders and this effects the whole body. When the shoulders are relaxed and soft the whole body relaxes and softens and the energy can flow. So take a couple of breaths and allow them to relax and soften.

2. To get a feel for the movement of this breathing technique, place one hand on the upper abdomen above the navel and one hand on the lower abdomen below the navel. You will be feeling both areas simultaneously rise and sink. When you inhale you will feel the upper hand (above the navel) rise and the lower hand (below the navel) sink. When you exhale you will feel the upper hand sink and the lower hand rise.

Breath in, upper hand rises, the lower hand sinks. Breath out, the upper hand sinks, the lower hand rises.Take long gentle breaths. Do not move your abdomen too hard and fast. Feel the air move from one point to the other.

3. You will be using your mind and/or imagination to direct the energy or qi.

When you inhale and exhale use every pore of your body to breathe. Your body becomes like one lung, effortlessly allowing air in and out. If you cannot imagine this just say in your mind I am using every pore on my body to breathe.

When you inhale you visualize universal energy coming in through every pore of your body. You may see it as light.

When you exhale you visualize any sickness, pain, and stress as extra energy changing/transforming into smoke, colors, butterflies or whatever comes to you, going out of every pore, every cell of the body to the ends of the universe.

Every time you breathe in you see light coming into and collecting in your body and when you exhale you see your blockages or whatever you do not need transform and leave the body.

Now let us put them together:

Breathe the energy in through every pore of your body, feel your upper hand rise, the lower hand sink.

Breathe out let, everything go that you do not need. See it leave as smoke or butterflies. Feel the upper hand sink and the lower hand rise.

Once you learn this technique you may practice it where ever you are. Breathe at your own pace. Deep slow conscious breathing has long been a vital element of qigong. Many studies show that people who take fewer, longer breathes live longer and healthier lives.

Thank you for allowing me to share this time and breathe with you.