“I think it’s impossible to put into words how profound we have found Mary’s beautiful teachings and meditations. She teaches and leads with such a warm grace that you immediately feel personally connected and invited to open fully and be at ease diving deeply into whatever it is she’s presenting. As a participant you feel both seen and wonderfully curious to learn more. 

My fiancé and I have both experienced profound peace and centeredness each time after her sessions. We love them and look forward to them every time she presents. I have years of experience both facilitating and being facilitated in meditations, journeying and spiritual development, and I can say without hesitation Mary is a master at what she does. My fiancé came to Mary’s Qigong meditations, a total newbie, and noticed a profound shift in his anxiety after the first one. We both make sure to never miss a session. The Saturday morning teachings have become a cornerstone in our week and we are so very grateful to Mary for sharing her powerful insights so beautifully. We just love her!” 

A & K


“Mary is one of the most gifted individuals I have had the opportunity to know in my lifetime.  She is a master healer, a steadfast mentor, a loving guide, and an energy expert.  She has continuously provided me with love, compassion, and support as I embarked on my personal spiritual and healing journey.  Mary helped me navigate into new areas of myself, often where I was fearful to go.  Her encouragement and continual commitment to my process allowed me to heal, grow, and transform in ways I could not have imagined when I started this journey.  Her knowledge of energy and energetic systems, her intuition, and her embodiment of spiritual ideals provided me with an important foundation of strength and wisdom from which to learn and grow and provided support for my physical body as changes were occurring at deep levels.  Much of my journey has taken me to places of deep vulnerability, places where I know I would not have been able to go without Mary’s guidance, light, and love.  She intuitively knew what I needed throughout out each step in the process.  Sometimes it was a meditation to practice, sometimes it was a gentle nudge, sometimes it was a definitive directive of what needed to happen next in order for other things to fall into place.  Her abilities arise from her deep trust in the energies and the energies’ deep trust in her to always intend what is for the greatest and highest good.  She has helped me heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually; uncover my power; and shine my light in the world. With So Much Love and Gratitude”


Community Leadership

“Meeting Mary was a treasure. Her leadership is so loving and strong with such gentle energy.  Her compassionate vision to promote Qigong in the world is breath taking to watch you in action.”

Janet D


“Thank you for listening to my heart and soul
Thank you for healing wisdom and calming my heart
Thank you for your healing, guidance, support and love.
Thank you for truly listening to me.
Keep shining your beautiful light, and making a difference.”


“Qi-ssage provides me with energy and calmness to meet the challenges of daily life. Mary’s gentle demeanor and tender instruction, like “picture breathing in sunlight and breathing out smoke,” offer tips for relaxation that really work! Thanks Mary!”


“Mary, thanks for the wonderful session today.  I feel grounded, strong and ready to move forward, like spring.”


Calming – allowing the body to relax and ground
Nurturing – restorative energy for mind, body and spirit
Adaptable – flowing with whatever is needed
Freeing – holding the space for healing to occur

“Mary intuitively goes to the core of the issue, dealing from a higher perspective. It feels like she connects with my higher self through her higher self, which resonates deeply with me.”



Autism and DD
“Mary started working on my son 8 years ago. It was a gift of divine intervention. A friend was telling me about her friend Mary and all the great work she does and I wondered if she could help my son. My son has Autism and DD (developmentally delayed). He was 14 and becoming more aggressive as he got older. He was on a prescription for behaviors but it wasn’t enough. His aggressive behaviors were so bad his dad and I could not talk in front of him this would trigger him. The first time Mary worked on him she did 3 nights in a row. It was all done over the phone; I couldn’t believe someone could do energy work on someone without being in the same room. When I asked this her answer was so sweet, she said she would go in through my heart to connect with my son. What a difference in him after the 3 sessions that week. I didn’t tell his dad what I was doing I wanted to see if he would comment. He did, I remember dropping my son off at his dads and I just started talking to him giving him instructions for the rest of the week, and the look of astonishment in his eyes said it all. He asked what is going on why isn’t he attacking you?? I explained that I had found Mary and what she was doing and he was like is this for real? Yes, it is. Mary has been a huge part of our lives ever since.


“Mary has helped me overcome many challenges in life, whether it was personal, emotional, health, or injury related, and each time she was beyond successful. It is hard for me to pick one experience, but one that comes to mind is emotionally related. My mom passed away in May of 2020 from cancer, I was having an extremely hard time knowing how to grieve and how to deal with challenges that followed, as I was not spiritually, mentally, or physically ready to accept or process what had happened. When challenging situations did arise, I was often triggered and unable to process it or the emotion, ground myself, or be able to think clearly enough to figure out what the next step would be. Mary was able to clear me and remove all the negative energy that was affecting me, help me understand what had happened, process it, and where I should go from there. Mary guided, healed, and taught me how to do this process on my own. Mary helped me gain the tools I needed to grow, and taught me how to look at things in a different light. Mary does so much more than just qigong, she is a teacher, a healer, an intuitive, a friend, and someone who cares deeply for every person and living being she works with.


“I’ve only known Mary a handful of years, but there is a depth, when talking with her, that could be millions of years. Being with her, you may sense the strength of the Mountain. Yet I gather it has not always been so, she has had challenges, or learning experiences if you prefer, and has healed, grown and knows that which is her true self. She shares the gift of that knowledge and her undivided attention with us all.”

Blessings, John

If you are looking for a person of high consciousness, character, honesty and heart, who is also, a Qigong Master Healer, Educator and Mentor? Mary Zelmer is who you will want to meet. She has greatly assisted me in ways, spiritual, emotional and physical. I would gladly talk with Mary non-stop for a week if I could. She balanced my Qi and continued to do so while I suffered a grief, I felt, that could literally end my life. Mary restored nerve function and cleared the numbness issue in my leg, a result of surgery, which two years of acupuncture had failed to shift.

I completely recommend her. If you have discovered Mary Zelmer, you are truly fortunate!

Very Sincerely,
John Bigelow

“I am blessed to have received energy healings from Mary.  Her wisdom and gentle words that she shares are calming and reassuring.  Her long-distance healings are focused, powerful and instantaneous.  I know this because there have been times when Mary does a long-distance healing on me and the pain dissipates in a very short time. 

Thanks, Mary, for all you do!!!”


“Mary was able to understand that my soul injury was compressed energy.  Her gentle, yet powerful, manipulation of this release is allowing me to more fully express my life force. She has supported me in ancestral healing and in working with energies here to assist me.”


“I was having a really hard time and dealing with so much anxiety and panic attacks, Mary’s work was like a soul massage! To me it felt like being guided back to a place of comfort and wholeness. I was guided back to my true self, my spirit calmed back into a healthy body. Mary mentors and leads people back to their strongest selves, when they have lost sight of themself. She uses her intuition, knowledge and guidance to lead others on their own path of healing. I felt she could really see me.”


“At a time when I was desperate for emotional support, Mary intuitively understood the issues and led me to unravel it bringing me renewed peace of mind, body and spirit. Her wisdom and understanding of energetic ties helped me to be able to walk away from familial relationships that were making me sick. She helped me feel empowered when I was not sure which direction to take. Mary gets out of the way so healing can come through. Her healing gifts reach the hearts of not just me but a wide community that love and admire her. I’m very thankful.”


“Our 4 yr son, Evan was having leg pain, we attributed it to growing pains and one night he woke up screaming and we couldn’t calm him down.  After several months of this we decided to seek medical attention. 

Evan and I left the clinic one afternoon with the news; he might have a disease that would inhibit his ability to walk.  Fast forward 8 weeks later, we still have no resolution and many clinic appointments, blood draws, x-rays, and long waits. 

I continued to research what could be causing the pain, made requests and recommendations for tests he should have done.  Still nothing.  One day it dawned on me, let’s go see Mary.  I have attended Mary’s classes and always enjoyed her kind demeanor and intellect.

I called one afternoon and she agreed to meet with us that evening.  Evan was in severe pain that day and still no medical resolution.  My husband carried him into our visit and an hour or so later, Evan ran out of her house -pain free.  Simply amazing…

The pain would be infrequent, the intensity was less and our spirits was looking up.  We continue to visit with Mary every few weeks.  However, he has been pain free.  

We are grateful for Mary’s time and attention she gave Evan during this difficult time.  We are forever thankful!”

Kelli Otremba and family

“I took 3 sessions with Mary for Qigong meditation. At first I wasn’t sure about what to expect or what I might gain, but I have myofascial pain syndrome, arthritis and bursitis and I’m always looking for alternative forms of treatment rather than prescription drugs. I was surprised how I felt after the class and the physical symptoms I felt during the class. After the second class, the only thing bothering me the most was the bursitis and Mary gave me exercises to do for what is actually for sciatica relief, but helps my bursitis as well. I sit all day on my job, so feeling better is GREAT!! Thanks Mary.”

Lois M

“I am writing in regards to my Qigong experience with Mary Zelmer. A few days after my son was born, we received a call explaining to us that he has a condition by the name of Phenylketonuria (PKU). It is a genetic condition that affects the liver. In a person that has PKU, their liver is lacking an enzyme that breaks down Phenylalanine, which is one of the building blocks of protein. Those with PKU control the condition through diet modification, particularly protein restriction. As soon as Mary heard about my son, she kindly volunteered to come and work on his liver through several Qigong techniques. She balanced his energy systems in his body. He had a blockage in his spine and by removing that it enabled the energy to flow to his liver and stimulate it. My son is now 10 months old and since the first day of his experience with Qigong, I have incorporated it into a regular part of his treatment for PKU. He has blood levels drawn every few weeks to check his PH level and it has been consistent that each time Mary has worked on him, his levels are lower. In fact on the occasions that his level has been high, I have called Mary to help bring it back down and by the next time he has a level drawn it has been in the treatment range. I am so thankful for knowing Mary and so thankful for the healing she has provided for my son.”


“Before I met Mary, I thought there was nothing I could do about my health problems. I believed my low energy and pain were inescapable parts of again. Energy Balancing Sessions shattered those beliefs – I began to heal. Mary is a true friend and guide. In her qigong classes and Energy Balancing Sessions, I’ve benefited from her warm heart, intelligence and humor. I am deeply grateful for Mary and the creation of Spring Forest Qigong.”


“I have been honored to work with Mary for over two years now. My first visit focused primarily on improving my physical body, where she helped ease my issues with neck pain, headaches and muscle stiffness. Throughout our sessions, I also noticed general improvement throughout my whole body. As the visits progressed, I found my focus to move from my physical aspects to one of spiritual growth and development. She is able to help me see situations from deeper levels and to take deeper understanding from my personal experiences.  As I have continued to grow at inner levels, I have noticed that my physical body has responded as well. I feel lighter and brighter after each session and I am able to maintain those qualities with the assistance and suggestions Mary provides me during our sessions. Mary meets me where I am and brings me exactly what I need for that session. She has the ability to integrate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing in such a way as to bring balance, peace and calm. Within this balance and peace, she provides me with space to explore new areas of development. I am grateful for her abilities as I have been able to gain deep insights, which have assisted my physical health and wellbeing and my personal and spiritual development. She is an inspiring mentor and guide, as well as, a tremendous healer.”


“I went to see Mary on a suggestion of a friend when I was struggling with severe anxiety and depression.  From the moment I met Mary she helped me feel at ease and allowed me the space to work through my healing at a pace that was comfortable for me. Mary provided me physical, emotional and spiritual guidance, helping me to unearth deeper levels of understanding. Mary is incredibly intuitive and seems to know just the right time to reach out and lend a supportive hand. As I walk through life, Mary has provided me the strength, wisdom and guidance to better understand who I am and my purpose and role in this world. I credit Mary’s kind heart, intuitive spirit and ability to listen and guide, as a big reason I am healthy today. I continue to seek Mary’s guidance and mentoring, and respect her incredible talent as an intuitive healer. Thanks Mary!”


On Teaching and Leading: meditations and classes with groups and individuals

Group Meditations

“Today’s meditation was incredible for both of us. You are terrific! Thank you.


“Thanks for the wonderful meditation today.  I feel grounded, strong and ready to move forward, like spring.”


“Thank you Mary, for the work you do with the Saturday morning Qigong teachings and meditations. Your stories, meditations and teachings are so inspiring.”


“This was a very powerful global meditation! Huge Thanks to Mary Zelmer and all those that participated. Always with love.”


“You were right, Mary. I did like it. As a matter of fact, I loved it! You do a beautiful job leading meditation. I would love to attend a regularly scheduled class with guided meditation, just like this class.”


“After hearing good things about Mary, I attended a Qigong beginners’ class. I feel blessed to have her as our instructor, she yields and shares vast knowledge and experience in her teachings.

I had a wonderful experience in this class and have felt absolutely transformed after each class. It was amazing. Mary is a wonderful and encouraging instructor. – I really enjoyed my three classes with Mary. I really hope to continue to practice and improve. Thanks a million.”


“Thank you, Mary, for creating the Spring Forest Qigong Reachout program and for the many opportunities we participants were given to deepen our healing abilities. For this time, we had with you, you who are truly an expression of universal love through this human form. Thank you for your leadership, your example, teachings and love. How does one repay the master’s love? For it is priceless. Perhaps best we, in our most humble way, pay it forward, as you have shown us.”

In gratitude,
J Smith

“I really appreciate your willingness to come to the clinic and teach me and my staff about Qi Gong. We intend to use it to help animals and their people in their healing process. I really like how you structure the class with a mediation to start, teaching us about the structure of Qi Gong and then practicing on one another. 

I find that the instruction in the way to do Qigong is important but what is most helpful is the way you let the teaching flow and apply to what we need to know, the questions we have that day, and where and how we can be with the teaching that day. There is an amazing lack of judgment that really helps the learning process.

I look forward to learning more as time goes on and I hope that you can come periodically and help us learn more as we try to apply this teaching in our daily lives and work.”

Ricci Kelso, D.V.M.
Belle Plaine Animal Hospital


“It is an honor and privilege to write a recommendation for Mary Zelmer.  I have known Mary for the past eight years as an educator of Qigong and mentor.   We first crossed paths eight years ago at a Holistic Workshop in Minneapolis Minnesota.  I am an educator at New Prague High School and we started offering an elective Stress Management class.  I wanted to get in to Holistic/Alternative Medicine but had no idea.  So I decided to go to this Workshop and learn more.  One of the sessions was on Spring Forest Qigong and how you discover your natural ability to heal yourself and help others heal.  I had read about it and it seemed interesting.  Mary was a presenter.  So, after the clinic I introduced myself.  She convinced me to take a class.  I thought, why not, you have to practice what you preach.  I took my first Level I Qigong that winter.  Qigong has helped me greatly on a personal basis.  Every time I have taken a class or practice Qigong it has improved my overall well-being, both physically and mentally.   It has allowed me to get more in tune with what my body is telling me.  In this much stressed-out world sometimes we need to step back and get in touch with ourself.  Qigong has deepened my relaxation practice.

Professionally, Mary then started coming in to my Stress Management class. She has been teaching Spring Forest Qigong to my students for the past five years.   It has been a wonderful asset to have her expertise and knowledge on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong.  She is wonderful with the students or any audience.  She brings great knowledge, energetic attitude, and her presentation is very hands on.  She is very respectful and has a way with students to make them feel comfortable.  She is very much aware that students are apprehensive about Chinese Medicine and this whole energy concept but she teaches it in such a way the students not only understand it but they get to experience it.  It can be a very powerful thing.  Still to this day I have a hard time explaining it to my class.  You just have to experience it and you decide yourself.  

I believe Mary would be a great asset to any educational program, workshop, or any company looking to improve their employers.  In a very short time, she can teach basic Qigong practices to live a more stress-free life.  How cool would it be to teach this in elementary schools?  Give them the tools for life to live a more stress free, productive life.  To better understand how we have the power to heal ourselves and to regain control in our life.  Any school district or company would benefit.  She is a true professional.  She is very passionate about her work.  This carries over into her presentation.  I promise if you allow yourself to experience it, you will leave a better person and wanting to learn more.”

Karla Schultz
New Prague High School Physical Education and Health Teacher
Department Head


Practicing Qigong totally confirmed for me that we can get directly in touch with the energy flowing through our bodies. It made all the difference to actually feel the Qi in both subtle and not so subtle ways. It’s a beautiful thing knowing we have the power to heal ourselves and others. It’s a practice that will be with me for my whole life.
I also really love the philosophy behind the practice as can be seen in sayings such as “I am in the universe, the universe is in my body, the universe and I come together.” or “There is only Good, Better, Best in Qigong.” or “Energy can never be created or destroyed, only transformed.” or “Everything is Qi.” These are all very simple principles with profound implications.

We are grateful for Mary taking the time to work with our student body.

Ian Straehley
Organizer for St. Olaf College Meditation Club

Guided Personal Healing Meditations: with community support

“Good evening!! Last night’s meditation for B was beautiful!! You did an amazing job!!! I could feel changes in him as the energy and love flowed!!”


“It was so cool to be part of that session for B. 

I felt such peace and calm and at times movement in my body like something leaving it or clearing. That peace and calm continued throughout the night into today.”


“The group healing for B was very strong and loving. I felt it for days.”


“The healing call was wonderful.  I would love it if we would be able to do more of these calls, possibly 1 or 2 times/month.  It feels that it is helpful for so many on so many levels.

Of course, the love and healing that goes out to the person who is designated is enough to want to continue.

And, I think there are so many additional benefits:

I think it is a wonderful community service activity for us to do as a group.   

I could personally feel the energy, and I know that I received much love and healing energy myself by being a participant.

My family also benefited from the healing energy as it filled the whole house; we also had the opportunity to send the energy to others.

Also, it was so nice to feel even more connection to the community as we were all on the call, and didn’t need to travel.  I felt so connected.  I hope these will continue and grow!!”


“That was a beautiful guided meditation!! Thank you
I sat on the porch listening to the birds and breathing in fresh air while 
listening to the meditation and I can just feel all the healing energy for B.
Thanks for facilitating it!”


“Thank you for the meditation last night!  You did wonderful and it was wonderful!  I could also feel the heat and energy.  I am so glad that B. was feeling good and feeling the love/energy.  Keep me updated if you do another.”


“Thanks, Mary, for hosting last night. I definitely felt the energy moving. Hopefully B continues to benefit from the gift last night.”


“I felt really blessed to be involved in the healing meditation with B and his family.  Little did I know when I felt guided to participate that I would receive just as much peace as I expected would be shared with B.  Mary’s meditation helped me to just let go and follow along, allowing myself to be guided in how to be a conduit to help B and then include others.  As I let go, I felt a beautiful cleansing mist move through me and out to everyone, as well as seeing such a beautiful display of colors moving to envelope and support everyone.  There was such a feeling of connection with everyone that it was truly moving!  I hope little B and his family know that by allowing us to participate in “helping” them, they are helping so many, many others.  Thank you so much to Mary for guiding the meditation and for B and his family for allowing us to be a part of their journey.”


“B is great!  So, fun listening to him talk about last night.  He said, “I liked the music that was playing. It made me sleepy.  My body felt like all warm.”

What an experience that was!  Emotional!  All the love and support from total strangers!

You all are and were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!”

B’s family