Service for Animals

I believe that animals come into our lives to assist us, love us and learn with us. They are present to give and receive. I feel a strong bond with animals and hold compassion and understanding in my relationship with them. I have always been able to sense what they need and what they are thinking. We all have had animals powerfully assist us in our lives either as companions or as a way to connect to this planet. Animals have energy channels just like we do so they can experience energy blockages that make them sick, emotionally unbalanced or stressed. Because they are very sensitive to energy and open to us, energy work can benefit not only the animal but also the caretaker. For the phone session a picture is helpful.
Session length: 20 minutes
Cost: $50
Mary helped our family, me and our pet during a time that was very challenging.

Our pets are members of our family. Our cat was in transition from this world to the next; his passing took a number of weeks. Mary was able to connect with him about this situation more than once.

Mary has never seen our cat; she was very specific about his feelings. She was very accurate in describing his personality and how he felt during this time. It was very comforting to have Mary share with us what he was going through so we could be at peace with what was happening.
– Bob