Qigong Phone Session

Based on the same principles as a face-to-face qigong session, over the phone I will detect your blockages and assist your body in removing them. This usually takes about 10 minutes on the phone. After the phone session lie quietly for 20 minutes. Because water is a great conductor of energy and gently moves through your entire body, I will ask you to have a glass of water in which I will energetically charge and you can drink after the call.
Session length: 15 to 30 minutes
Cost: $55

About Qigong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice, which studies the science of the mind, body and spirit. It is considered a treasure in the East and only has begun to become familiar here in the West. Qi means energy, vital life force. Gong means to work, master or transform. Qigong simply means to become aware of and work with your life force. Qigong has also been called needleless acupuncture.

About Energy

Our body has rivers of energy running through it, which are also known as energy meridians. Six are in your feet and six in your hands. Then we have two main channels running along your back and front torso. When blockages occur and stop the flow of energy in these meridians or channels, then the energy cannot flow where it needs to go in the body. When the energy is blocked illness, disease, pain and other health problems may occur.

Qigong movements, breathing techniques and meditations focus on helping to open and maintain these channels so your body can heal and you can maintain a healthy and well balanced life. A Qigong Practitioner can assist you in this healing process by working with you and your energetic system.