About Qigong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice, which studies the science of the mind, body and spirit. It is considered a treasure in the East and only has begun to become familiar here in the West. “Qi” means energy or vital life force. “Gong” means to work, master or transform. Qigong simply means to become aware of and work with your energy or your life force. Qigong has also been called needleless acupuncture.

About Energy

Our body has rivers of energy running through it, which are also known as energy meridians. You have six meridians in your feet and six in your hands. Two main channels run along the back and front torso. When blockages occur, they stop the flow of energy in these meridians or channels and the energy cannot flow where it needs to go in the body. When the energy is blocked illness, disease, pain, other health or emotional problems may occur.

A Qigong Practitioner can assist you in the healing process by working with you and your energetic system. Qigong movements, breathing techniques and meditations can also focus on helping to open and maintain these channels so your body can heal and you can maintain a healthy and well-balanced life.

Qigong Phone Session

Based on the same principles as a face-to-face qigong session, over the phone Mary will detect your blockages and assist your body in removing them. Energy can be transferred non-physically by intention or emission of Qi. In the practice of Qigong, the art of energetically working with a client who is present in the same room or one who may be in another location is the same. The focus will be to remove any energy blockages, so that the energy becomes free flowing and the body can self-regulate and rediscover its balance.

Service for Animals

Mary believes that animals come into our lives to assist us, love us and learn with us. They are present to give and receive. She feels a strong bond with animals and honors her relationship with them. Animals have energy channels just like we do so they can experience energy blockages that make them sick, emotionally unbalanced or stressed. Because they are very sensitive to energy and open to us, energy work can be very helpful. For the phone session a picture is helpful.

Session Options

Phone Sessions for People and Animals
60-minute Qigong Energy Session: $99.00
30-minute Qigong Energy Session: $50:00
Package of five 60-minute sessions, scheduled twice a month – $450 (a $495 value)
Package of five 60-minute sessions, scheduled once a month – $470 (a $495 value)

Contact Mary for more information.

Speaking Engagements and Group Facilitation
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Please contact Mary to schedule at or 952-215-2027. Once scheduled, payments can be made through PayPal below or paid by check.

Phone Session