On Teaching, Creating and Training

Ricci Kelso, D.V.M.
Belle Plaine Animal Hospital

“I really appreciate your willingness to come to the clinic and teach me and my staff about Qi Gong. We intend to use it to help animals and their people in their healing process. I really like how you structure the class with a meditation to start, teaching us about the structure of Qi Gong…
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In gratitude, J Smith

“Thank you Mary for creating the Spring Forest Qigong Reachout program and for the many opportunities we participants were given to deepen our healing abilities. For this time we had with you, you who are truly an expression of universal love through this human form. Thank you for your leadership, your example, teachings and love.…

On Healing

Kelli O. and family
Feb 2014

Evan’s journey Evan was having leg pain, we attributed it to growing pains and one night he woke up screaming and we couldn’t calm him down. After several months of this we decided to seek medical attention. Evan and I left a clinic one afternoon with the news; he might have a disease that would…
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New Prague, MN

I went to see Mary on a suggestion of a friend when I was struggling with severe anxiety and depression. From the moment I met Mary she helped me feel at ease and allowed me the space to work through my healing at a pace that was comfortable for me. Mary provided me physical, emotional…
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Woodbury, MN

I have been honored to work with Mary for over two years now. My first visit focused primarily on improving my physical body, where she helped ease my issues with neck pain, headaches and muscle stiffness. Throughout our sessions, I also noticed general improvement throughout my whole body. As the visits progressed, I found my…
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Northfield, MN

Before I met Mary, I thought there was nothing I could do about my health problems. I believed my low energy and pain were inescapable parts of agin. Energy Balancing Sessions shattered those beliefs – I began to heal. Mary is a true friend and guide. In SQ classes and Energy Balancing Sessions, I’ve benefited…
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New Prague, MN

Qi-ssage provides me with energy and calmness to meet the challenges of daily life. Mary’s gentle demeanor and tender instruction, like “picture breathing in sunlight and breathing out smoke,” offer tips for relaxation that really work! Thanks Mary!
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New Prague, MN

“I am writing in regards to my Qigong experience with Mary Zelmer. A few days after my son was born we received a call explaining to us that he has a condition by the name of Phenylketonuria (PKU). It is a genetic condition that affects the liver. In a person that has PKU, their liver…
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Montgomery, MN

“I took 3 sessions with Mary for Qigong meditation. At first I wasn’t sure about what to expect or what I might gain, but I have myofascial pain syndrome, arthritis and bursitis and I’m always looking for alternative forms of treatment rather than prescription drugs. I was surprised how I felt after the class and…
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Though Mary has certificates and certifications, she is simply a person who is heart centered and operates from that center. It is that center that serves her and makes her a marvelous healer.
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What Mary provides is a bit hard to describe at first, but once you become aware of your body’s energy, you find that she can help it to flow more smoothly and deeply. When life events or issues “get stuck” in your thoughts or feelings, Mary helps them to move along and restore balance. My…
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Mary is an amazing healer. As an example, I suffered from an irregular EKG for unknown reasons. Through Mary’s healing from a distance, I quickly felt a strong shift into much greater ease, balance and peacefulness. She does her work quietly and “gets out of the way” to be a channel. I am so grateful.
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Just wanted to let you know that I’m feeling great after our phone sessions! I am able to eat without feeling sick and my acid reflex is gone. Thank you for all your help!

On creating powerful and healing Classes


Here is my experience from participating in Mary’s class, “The Art of Letting Go.” It was a beautiful experience. She taught it perfectly. The exercises were totally grounding and even though I didn’t think I let go of anything because there was so much resistance… I really did! The proof was that I drew a…
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Thank YOU, Mary, for not only these wonderful follow-ups after the class but also for facilitating the quietly POWERFUL fun shop meditation, in the first place!!! I don’t know how or when it happened, but the energy I felt from the first half of our day together was completely different from the energy I felt…
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I liked the relaxed, conversational style and the personal anecdotes that Mary uses when she teaches. I also very much appreciate the packet of information and instructions about Qigong, which will help me to continue my new Qigong practice. Practicing the movements with Mary demonstrating and doing along with us was a key part of…
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On teaching in the schools

Ian Straehley
St. Olaf College, Co-Chair St. Olaf Holistic Medicine Student Organization

The classes that Mary led were the most popular opportunity our student holistic medicine group offered. Mary is so warm, encouraging and showed us all how to unleash our full potential, trusting ourselves and not holding anything back so we can become the best version of ourselves. She taught us powerful techniques in a way…
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Karla Schultz

“It is an honor and privilege to write a recommendation for Mary Zelmer. I have known Mary for the past eight years as an educator of Qigong and mentor. We first crossed paths eight years ago at a Holistic Workshop in Minneapolis Minnesota. I am an educator at New Prague High School and we started…
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On Healing the Earth

Dr. Effie Chow

Chow Medical Qigong Hands-on Healing Event for Individual and Planetary Health was a spectacular experience for me as a presenter and the audience! The conference was superbly created and organized by loving Mary Zelmer and her brilliant team mostly from Qigong Connection with heartfelt co-sponsors. Many miracles were witnessed. Saturday morning meditation there were about…
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Communicating, Setting Intention and Connecting

Great Grand Father Chestnut Tree
Loural, Portugal

When I woke up, I went down to the area where the two ancient ones were, the Chestnut trees. I saw a stone by one took out my notebook and started to ask questions, I felt like I was in a pristine university. Great grandfather what will I be doing here? Mary. You will be…
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On Inspiring

Twin Cities

Mary’s heart is so big that it has a gravitational pull of its own. With a heart like that Mary is capable of drawing people into the lager healing circle, and inspiring them to be in exactly the right place at the right time. She did not have to be at all the events to…
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Golden Valley

The words that I can think of fall short of what I feel. Please forgive me. I cannot express my gratitude in words. Your example of unselfishness inspired me and many others. The direction of my life is clear to me now, because of you. You are a wonderful healer. Because of your selflessness and…
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