The classes that Mary led were the most popular opportunity our student holistic medicine group offered. Mary is so warm, encouraging and showed us all how to unleash our full potential, trusting ourselves and not holding anything back so we can become the best version of ourselves. She taught us powerful techniques in a way that was effortless, encouraging, and enlightening.
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Ian StraehleySt. Olaf College, Co-Chair St. Olaf Holistic Medicine Student Organization

“It is an honor and privilege to write a recommendation for Mary Zelmer. I have known Mary for the past eight years as an educator of Qigong and mentor. We first crossed paths eight years ago at a Holistic Workshop in Minneapolis Minnesota. I am an educator at New Prague High School and we started offering an elective Stress Management class. I wanted to get in to Holistic/Alternative Medicine but had no idea. So I decided to go to this Workshop and learn more. One of the sessions was on Spring Forest Qigong and how you discover your natural ability to heal yourself and help others heal. I had read about it and it seemed interesting. Mary was a presenter. So, after the clinic I introduced myself. She convinced me to take a class. I thought, why not, you have to practice what you preach. I took my first Level I Qigong that winter. Qigong has helped me greatly on a personal basis. Every time I have taken a class or practice Qigong it has improved my overall well-being, both physically and mentally. It has allowed me to get more in tune with what my body is telling me. In this much stressed out world sometimes we need to step back and get in touch with ourself. Qigong has deepened my relaxation practice.

Professionally, Mary then started coming in to my Stress Management class. She has been teaching Spring Forest Qigong to my students for the past five years. It has been a wonderful asset to have her expertise and knowledge on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong. She is wonderful with the students or any audience. She brings great knowledge, energetic attitude, and her presentation is very hands on. She is very respectful and has a way with students to make them feel comfortable. She is very much aware that students are apprehensive about Chinese Medicine and this whole energy concept but she teaches it in such a way the students not only understand it but they get to experience it. It can be a very powerful thing. Still to this day I have a hard time explaining it to my class. You just have to experience it and you decide yourself.

I believe Mary would be a great asset to any educational program, workshop, or any company looking to improve their employers. In a very short time she can teach basic Qigong practices to live a more stress free life. How cool would it be to teach this in elementary schools? Give them the tools for life to live a more stress free, productive life. To better understand how we have the power to heal ourselves and to regain control in our life. Any school district or company would benefit. She is a true professional. She is very passionate about her work. This carries over into her presentation. I promise if you allow yourself to experience it, you will leave a better person and wanting to learn more.”

– Karla Schultz
New Prague High School Physical Education and Health Teacher
Department Head
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Karla Schultz