Evan’s journey

Evan was having leg pain, we attributed it to growing pains and one night he woke up screaming and we couldn’t calm him down. After several months of this we decided to seek medical attention.

Evan and I left a clinic one afternoon with the news; he might have a disease that would inhibit his ability to walk. Evan was 4 years old that Friday afternoon we left the clinic. Fast forward 8 weeks later, we still have no resolution and many clinic appointments, blood draws, x-rays, and long waits.

I continued to research what could be causing the pain, made requests and recommendations for tests he should have done. Still nothing. One day it dawned on me, let’s go see Mary. I have attended Mary’s classes and always enjoyed her kind demeanor and intellect.
I called one afternoon and she agreed to meet with us that evening. Evan was in severe pain that day and still no medical resolution. My husband carried him into our visit and an hour or so later, Evan ran out of her house -pain free. Simply amazing…

The pain would be infrequent, the intensity was less and our spirits was looking up. We continue to visit with Mary every few weeks. However, he has been pain free for 4 months. The medical team we met with has no definitive answer to what caused and/or relieved his pain.
We are grateful for Mary’s time and attention she gave Evan during this difficult time. We are forever thankful!
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Kelli O. and familyFeb 2014

I went to see Mary on a suggestion of a friend when I was struggling with severe anxiety and depression. From the moment I met Mary she helped me feel at ease and allowed me the space to work through my healing at a pace that was comfortable for me. Mary provided me physical, emotional and spiritual guidance, helping me to unearth deeper levels of understanding. Mary is incredibly intuitive and seems to know just the right time to reach out and lend a supportive hand. As I walk through life, Mary has provided me the strength, wisdom and guidance to better understand who I am and my purpose and role in this world. I credit Mary’s kind heart, intuitive spirit and ability to listen and guide, as a big reason I am healthy today. I continue to seek Mary’s guidance and mentoring, and respect her incredible talent as an intuitive healer. Thanks Mary!
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JamiNew Prague, MN

I have been honored to work with Mary for over two years now. My first visit focused primarily on improving my physical body, where she helped ease my issues with neck pain, headaches and muscle stiffness. Throughout our sessions, I also noticed general improvement throughout my whole body. As the visits progressed, I found my focus to move from my physical aspects to one of spiritual growth and development. She is able to help me see situations from deeper levels and to take deeper understanding from my personal experiences. As I have continued to grow at inner levels, I have noticed that my physical body has responded as well. I feel lighter and brighter after each session and I am able to maintain those qualities with the assistance and suggestions Mary provides me during our sessions. Mary meets me where I am and brings me exactly what I need for that session. She has the ability to integrate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing in such a way as to bring balance, peace and calm. Within this balance and peace, she provides me with space to explore new areas of development. I am grateful for her abilities as I have been able to gain deep insights, which have assisted my physical health and well-being and my personal and spiritual development. She is an inspiring mentor and guide, as well as, a tremendous healer.
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LisaWoodbury, MN

Before I met Mary, I thought there was nothing I could do about my health problems. I believed my low energy and pain were inescapable parts of agin. Energy Balancing Sessions shattered those beliefs – I began to heal. Mary is a true friend and guide. In SQ classes and Energy Balancing Sessions, I’ve benefited from her warm heart, intelligence and humor. I am deeply grateful for Mary and the creation of Spring Forest Qigong.
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LoriNorthfield, MN

Qi-ssage provides me with energy and calmness to meet the challenges of daily life. Mary’s gentle demeanor and tender instruction, like “picture breathing in sunlight and breathing out smoke,” offer tips for relaxation that really work! Thanks Mary!
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CarrieNew Prague, MN

“I am writing in regards to my Qigong experience with Mary Zelmer. A few days after my son was born we received a call explaining to us that he has a condition by the name of Phenylketonuria (PKU). It is a genetic condition that affects the liver. In a person that has PKU, their liver is lacking an enzyme that breaks down Phenylalanine, which is one of the building blocks of protein. Those with PKU control the condition through diet modification, particularly protein restriction. As soon as Mary heard about my son, she kindly volunteered to come and work on his liver through several Qigong techniques. She balanced his energy systems in his body. He had a blockage in his spine and by removing that it enabled the energy to flow to his liver and stimulate it. My son is now 10 months old and since the first day of his experience with Qigong, I have incorporated it into a regular part of his treatment for PKU. He has blood levels drawn every few weeks to check his PH level and it has been consistent that each time Mary has worked on him, his levels are lower. In fact on the occasions that his level has been high, I have called Mary to help bring it back down and by the next time he has a level drawn it has been in the treatment range. I am so thankful for knowing Mary and so thankful for the healing she has provided for my son.”
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JenNew Prague, MN

“I took 3 sessions with Mary for Qigong meditation. At first I wasn’t sure about what to expect or what I might gain, but I have myofascial pain syndrome, arthritis and bursitis and I’m always looking for alternative forms of treatment rather than prescription drugs. I was surprised how I felt after the class and the physical symptoms I felt during the class. After the second class, the only thing bothering me the most was the bursitis and Mary gave me exercises to do for what is actually for sciatica relief, but helps my bursitis as well. I sit all day on my job, so feeling better is GREAT!! Thanks Mary.”
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LoisMontgomery, MN

Though Mary has certificates and certifications, she is simply a person who is heart centered and operates from that center. It is that center that serves her and makes her a marvelous healer.
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What Mary provides is a bit hard to describe at first, but once you become aware of your body’s energy, you find that she can help it to flow more smoothly and deeply. When life events or issues “get stuck” in your thoughts or feelings, Mary helps them to move along and restore balance. My experience is that I have been able to follow my heart more directly and clearly than ever before in my life, and now that I have been doing this for awhile, life has gotten better and my outlook has improved, even when I didn’t realize that it could! In short, Mary helps you to uncover who you are and what you can do.
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Mary is an amazing healer. As an example, I suffered from an irregular EKG for unknown reasons. Through Mary’s healing from a distance, I quickly felt a strong shift into much greater ease, balance and peacefulness. She does her work quietly and “gets out of the way” to be a channel. I am so grateful.
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