Here is my experience from participating in Mary’s class, “The Art of Letting Go.” It was a beautiful experience. She taught it perfectly. The exercises were totally grounding and even though I didn’t think I let go of anything because there was so much resistance… I really did! The proof was that I drew a picture yesterday after 3 months of drought. There was just too much stuff in my head and nothing would come out. Then I got back from class and… flooooooooooow! I’m so thankful and so happy! It’s madness for artist not to be able to express themselves.

I especially loved the small group that gathered. I get intimidated by people with… intimidating powers. But the group was full of humble women who weren’t pretending to be anything more than they are. It was a strong group but no one was trying to overpower anyone. I really appreciated that.

Thank you and I’ll see you again!
Love, Irina
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Thank YOU, Mary, for not only these wonderful follow-ups after the class but also for facilitating the quietly POWERFUL fun shop meditation, in the first place!!! I don’t know how or when it happened, but the energy I felt from the first half of our day together was completely different from the energy I felt by the end of our fun-shop day!!! Hard to explain…I just FELT the difference—so much MORE CONNECTED to our whole group, for lack of a better word, a sense of ONENESS. I never thought of that word ’til just now. But anyway, THANK YOU very, very much for being YOU and for sharing and radiating YOUR LIGHT and LEARNING and ever evolving soft POWER-FULLNESS…one can FEEL it as you talk and by just being around you!!!
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I liked the relaxed, conversational style and the personal anecdotes that Mary uses when she teaches. I also very much appreciate the packet of information and instructions about Qigong, which will help me to continue my new Qigong practice. Practicing the movements with Mary demonstrating and doing along with us was a key part of the class. Thank you.
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