When I woke up, I went down to the area where the two ancient ones were, the Chestnut trees. I saw a stone by one took out my notebook and started to ask questions, I felt like I was in a pristine university.

Great grandfather what will I be doing here?

Mary. You will be working in another spiritual world, different dimensions, angels, connecting with ancient wisdom, spirit power from the past, spirit powers from connecting with God, the universe, higher power. You will be reconnecting to the past and the future, while being in the present. You will be channeling information from the non-ordinary.

Like algebra, move around the unknown till it becomes known.

I asked for more information. Mary, the connection of us all, the connection of the earth, the connection to the heavens, far surpasses any limits we put on love. For love is what we search for, love is what we have, love is who we are.

Look around you, look up at the skies, the stars, look around it is everywhere – love-.

You have seen a lot of changes here, friends come and go, some sad but mostly joyful.

Mary, our main concern is that the land, the spirit, be allowed to give. Rather it be the birds to the sky, to the heavens, to man. We are here to serve. We may appear to be old trees, at this time of the season with no life, but there is always life deep in the ground. We connect with the earth and reach for the stars.

Tell Francisco to connect to the earth and reach for the stars, he will then prosper, for then he will have our blessing.

As you look at us, you will see that there have been times when we have let go of large parts of ourselves, branches have come and go. Some people may have even wanted to cut us down, but here we are alive and well. We are filled with so many aspects of life. Our intention is to do what we are meant to do, go deep in the ground and reach for the stars. For us that are joy, that is longevity that which is being.

The forest is so beautiful, the water so happy.

Yes, it rushes forward out of joy! Knowing where it came from and where it is going, down. Yes, that is the water, it keeps us young.

Thank you. Will we be planting the crystal today, is that what you want?

Yes, thank you. It is our TV antenna. We are old and need some updating in our computers. They will awaken the stations from deep in the earth. This will be new for us, but much needed. They will help us go deep. Do you feel your foot vibrate?


That is what the crystals will do, they will do many things. It would be hard for me to explain this to you because your knowledge is limited at this time. You would not understand. We greatly thank you Mary for coming to help Loural awaken.
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Great Grand Father Chestnut TreeLoural, Portugal