Qigong heals the mind, thus the body

Posted by admin on May 19, 2014



MY BODY and heart hurt. I couldn't eat. I was depressed and angry, experiencing panic attacks and flashbacks. I was without hope, getting sicker and weaker, not understanding why my body was doing this and not knowing how to help it. Then I went to my first qigong class. For the first time in years, I was able to quiet my mind and listen to my body. With that gift and daily qigong practice, life has become joyful, I have become joyful. Every day is so full of possibilities, and now there is nothing that I cannot affect in a positive way.

"Qi" means life force or energy. "Gong" means moving, transforming, and balancing. Together they are the art of all we are, helping us find balance of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives. Breathing, movement, and focus of the mind all move and transform qi.

Ancient Wisdom Taught by Qigong Masters

"Your elbows lead, your hands feel. Smile. Relax. Be happy. Observe your thoughts. Hold a positive attitude for yourself and others. Connect to the life force. Give or receive at least eight hugs a day and three belly laughs. Love is the strongest healing energy: Open your heart. Be your own best friend. It's okay."

These simple yet powerful instructions, which are part of ancient wisdom, were taught to me by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin and Qigong Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow in order to help me feel and understand qi or energy and to move it. I am eternally grateful for their teachings.

Become Empowered Through Qigong

As I started to practice my simple qigong exercises, I was able to feel my body heal. It was so simple, yet so dramatic. I fell in love with qi because qi is energy, and we are all energy beings. I fell in love with myself and with all my neighbors here on earth. Qigong empowered me to help myself, but I also learned simple techniques to help others—animals, plants, and, yes, even our planet. I started to live in a way that brought meaning to my life.

Breathing and visualization are a powerful way to direct qi. Take a moment to simply close your eyes. When you breathe in, breathe in light through every pore of your body. When you breathe out, see everything you do not need turn to smoke and leave your body. Do so without resistance and allow your shoulders to relax. See or sense all your troubles, worries, and pains just melt away. Relax and visualize yourself sinking into joy and health. Surround yourself with nature. Smile. Know you are at peace with yourself and others.

Qi Lets Us Know When Something is Wrong

Qi talks to us all the time, letting us know when it is not moving freely in our bodies, when we feel pain or are depressed, when we cannot forgive, or when we hold anger or any other physical and spiritual sensations that keep us off balance in our life. It also talks to us when we are peaceful, joyful—one with the earth and the heavens and with each other.

Everyone wants love and security. We all hold within us this ancient wisdom. Moving qi is not hard; we do it every day with every thought, because thoughts are energy and thoughts direct our qi. Positive thoughts help us to heal; negative thoughts can make us sick. Eastern medicine believes a healthy mind equals a healthy body.

The new relationship I have with this energy has grown deeper and deeper over the years. My understanding of how to nurture and cultivate it has grown into not only helping myself, but helping others too, which in turn has grown into others helping others. Moving qi is something we can all do together to bring balance into our lives and onto our planet.

Mary Zelmer is a qigong teacher and healer and an intuitive guide helping individuals find their own unique way of connecting with the earth and its teachers. Mary advises and leads group healing meditations for the Qigong Connection which meets monthly in St Paul. She is a student of Spring Forest Qigong and Chow Qigong. You can reach Mary at