The Power of Presence

Posted by admin on November 7, 2014

In 2011, I found myself sitting in a crowded room at the Sedona Creative Life Center in Arizona, at the feet of an eighty-six year old Hopi grandmother, Anamay. She had left her 10,000 year old home for the first time in her life to speak to us about what it means to be Hopi. With her she brought her two sons and in her hands she held corn.

At that time, people were concerned about the ending of the Mayan Calendar. Several times during her talk, someone would ask her what the Hopi sacred tablets say about what we should do at this time. Each time she would smile and tell a story that had the message, feed your neighbors and honor what is sacred to you.

I felt as I looked into her eyes that she was living her words - holding the corn, sitting by her sons and telling Hopi stories to us for three hours. During that time, it felt like for long periods, she would deeply look at me. As she spoke, I felt myself open into her eyes and I could see planets, stars, infinite space. At one point I saw my lineage being passed down from one generation to another, by the females, all the way to those not yet born. The love I felt was searing into my heart.

A woman had purchase a Hopi doll made by one of Anamay's sons. At the end of her talk, the woman brought the doll to Anamay to bless. Anamay said something to the doll in her native language. The woman asked what she said and Anamay told her, "I asked the doll to take care you." The woman took the doll and burst into tears and sobbed all the way out the door and to her car. It felt so loving and healing, I wonder now if Anamay was planting seeds of corn in all our hearts so we could nurture it, allow it to grow and share with others.

Now in 2014, I am still feeling the connection I felt that day. I have tried to find words for the experience, but may never truly be able to express what I felt I was connecting to that day. Anamay holds the most spiritual position in her lineage and the gift she gave me, to see into the infinite and honor what is sacred, has changed my life. When I need to remember what is important, I see Anamay, sitting in her wheel chair, holding the corn in her small wrinkled hands, and lovingly looking at her sons - and I remember.

Invite into your life the seeds of the ancient wisdom of Anamy and the Hopi, find what is sacred to you and hold it close to your heart, and remember to feed your neighbors.

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